Jay Leno gets to drive the all-electric Harley-Davidson LiveWire prototype [video]

Earlier this summer Harley-Davidson surprised the world by unveiling its first all-electric motorcycle, the Project LiveWire.

Even though the company is known for loud V-twin engines and big pipes, it seemed that almost everyone loved the LiveWire.

The design has some naked sport bike in it with an exposed frame and dual-sided rear swing arm suspension.

Over the summer Harley-Davidson has been showing the LiveWire to select consumers across the U.S. who have been be able to ride the prototype and provide feedback on the bike.

Of course there are some folks who get a special treatment, and exotic vehicles are delivered straight to their garage door for some testing. Jay Leno is the man we are talking about and in this latest episode he gets to drive the LiveWire prototype.

Mr. Leno is not very impressed at first, but once he goes for a ride his love for it starts to grow. The demo unit has a range of around 50 miles and top speed limited to 92mph. The range clearly needs to be improved, but the top speed is not bad at all.


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