Jaguar F-Type rendered as a very attractive four-door coupe

Jaguar F-Type is a great sports car available both as a coupe and roadster. The top of the range F-Type R uses a supercharged 542bhp 5.0-litre V8, taking the coupe from 0-60mph in 4.0 seconds on its way to a top speed of 186mph.

Earlier this year talented Theophius Chin rendered a very practical looking F-Type Shooting Brake and is now back with a very attractive rendering showing what the F-Type four-door coupe would look like.

The result is very attractive, though clearly the back seat wouldn’t offer very much leg or headroom, but that’s not important here as what you see is just gorgeous and clearly something one would call style over functionality.

Sharing many of its components with the upcoming BMW 3 Series rival, the XE, this car could technically see the production, but it is very unlikely Jaguar has anything like this planned. What a shame. It would be the coolest compact four-door coupe on the market.


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