Iconic McLaren F1 vs MP4-12C [VIDEO]

McLaren F1 vs MP4-12C

McLaren F1 vs MP4-12CThe last of the iconic McLaren F1 supercars left the production line 13 years ago. Still years later this 90s supercar can outperform many of todays sports cars.

So how does the F1 compare against the MP4-12C, that will be launched later this year? It is important to note, that the MP4-12C was not built to overtake the F1, it is a supercar, but in a different category. It’s the kind of car you can drive comfortably from home to work and later to a track.

In the video below Steve Sutcliffe from Autocar takes them both on track to see where the similarities start and the differences end. Enjoy the video!


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