How to Safely Jack up Your Car

The main reason we need to jack up a car is to change the tyre, though sometimes there could be other reasons like inspecting brakes or the exhaust.

It is an easy job, that can be done by both men and women, but still accidents happen and in worst case scenarios people have been crushed to death when vehicles were not properly secured.

Here are the main steps you should follow:

1. Always make sure it is safe to jack up a vehicle. There are no cars driving too close and the car is parked on level ground.

2. Block the downside wheels securely to prevent the car from rolling.

3. Put the automatics in park and manuals in first gear or reverse. Also pull the parking brake.

4. Place the jack under the vehicle’s frame nearest to the wheel you are going to jack up. If you are not sure check the owner’s manual.

5. Use axle and jack stands. Don’t substitute them with stones, boxes or bricks.

6. When the car is up and jack stands in place wiggle the car a little to make sure it rests securely.

7. When lowering the car you need to raise it a bit so you can remove the stands.

8. In case you are on a hill and can’t make it to the level ground, park close to the curb, turn wheels toward the curb and block the downside wheels securely.


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