How to Get Started on Your First Campervan Conversion Project

There is nothing more adventurous than living in a campervan. You can easily road-trip across the country, have magical unrestricted experiences along the way, and when it comes down to the price, it is way cheaper than staying in hostels or apartments.

But before you decide to go #vanlife, there is one important choice you have to make. Will you buy an already-converted campervan, or will you convert a regular van into a campervan by yourself?

If you are thinking of converting a van by yourself, and you do not know where to start, this article is perfect for you. It highlights five steps you need to follow when transforming your van into a home and recommends what you need to do to make your campervan-home ideal for you.

Choose a Van
The first and most important step in a campervan conversion project is choosing the kind of van you want to live in. Because there are so many options out there, it can be hard finding the right van. To make work easier for you, here are three main things that you need to look for:

Of course, all the above choices will hugely depend on your taste and preferences, your budget, the number of people who will live in the van, and lastly, the purpose of the van. But if you are thinking of converting a van you own, you do not need to worry about all these. Just make sure you get a campervan conversion insurance UK that protects your van against damage.

  1. Number of Doors: Make sure your van has more than one side door and a backdoor for maximum ventilation. 
  2. Size: Choose a van that has a large living and storage space. Also, if you can afford it, choose a van with a high roof that accommodates tall people. 
  3. Engine Quality:Opt for a van with low mileage to last you long. 

Strip and Clean the Van

The next step after buying the van is stripping and cleaning it so you can start designing your layout. Stripping involves getting rid of the unnecessary van structures so that it is empty while cleaning involves cleaning the empty van to get it ready for the layout design.

Depending on what kind of van you bought, stripping can either be optional or necessary. For example, if you buy a van with a cabin and you do not necessarily need it in your campervan, you can strip it away to make the van ideal for you.

Plan your Layout Design
Now that you have your van clean and empty, you can start taking accurate measurements and designing a layout plan. First, think of the essential things you need in the van. If you will cook inside the van, where will the kitchen be?

Will you need a refrigerator or a cooker? And where will they fit? What about the bed? What size do you want and where do you want to put it? Will you have an inbuilt bathroom and toilet, or will you go without one?

Once you have answers to these questions, research some of the campervan layout designs either on Instagram or Pinterest to get inspiration on what your perfect campervan-home can be. 

  1. Install Insulation, Ventilation, and an Electricity and Water System
    For a more comfortable traveling experience, you should install insulation, ventilation, and an electrical and water system. You can put insulation and ventilation either on the bottom, the sides, or the roof of the van. For the Water and the Electrical system, you should hire a professional plumber and electrician to fix them for you.

Start Constructing your Campervan
You have your layout design plan, and your van is insulated, ventilated, and an electrical system installed. Now it is time to get into the real work. When constructing the campervan, first, start with the flooring, build the foundation, and then construct the interior and the walls.

Once you are satisfied with your construction and everything is just as you wanted, do some finishing touches, decorate your campervan, and get ready to have a memorable living experience.


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