How the Honda CR-V Hybrid Meets a Family’s Needs

Families have more needs when it comes to the vehicles they drive.  Even if they are looking at luxury rides, they need a certain size.  The SUV has to be comfortable for more than one or two people. It has to handle the wear and tear of dirty hands and muddy shoes.

Spaciousness is a concern for the older child or teen in the backseat.  Parents will be concerned about safety, drivability and durability.  Everyone will be happier with modern dash tech to entertain them.  The Honda CR-V seeks to cover all of these angles while also providing low ownership costs to suit the family budget.

The Family Taxi

Families are always growing even if they don’t take on new members.  Babies grow into toddlers who grow into bigger kids.  Tweens grow into teens, and teens grow right up into full-size adults.  With that kind of change going on, the family needs a sizable SUV that can grow with it.

The CR-V Hybrid shares its large cabin design with the regular CR-V.  This makes this hybrid spacious everywhere it counts. There’s a large cargo hold for luggage and gear.  There’s a big backseat with ample leg room for adults.  

Entertainment technologies include the advanced Apple and Android connectivity that smartphone users need.  A Wi-Fi subscription helps everyone get online on their personal smart devices.

Parental Concerns

A family needs an SUV that is as advanced as possible when it comes to safety devices. The Honda brand has chosen to put a big suite of driver assistance aids on the CR-V Hybrid.

These are collision avoidance features that have been shown to reduce the chances of frontal collisions and the opportunities for side swiping other vehicles. Honda technology works with the driver to avoid leaving the marked lane lines or leaving the road entirely.  This second part is a Honda exclusive feature is a road departure warning and assistance system. 

When it comes to seeing what’s behind the car, the 2022 Honda CRV Hybrid has a superior rearview camera.  The Honda version gives three views, reducing the chances of an error. The SUV also has a rear traffic collision warning.  The blind spot monitor is another way that the CR-V Hybrid works with the driver to reduce the chances of driving into another car.

Budget Friendly

The lower carbon footprint of the CR-V Hybrid are attributable to better fuel economy and, therefore, much lower emissions.  The front-wheel drive editions can get about 40 miles per gallon in the city.  Highway driving runs about 35 miles per gallon.

That’s anywhere from 10 miles to 15 miles more than non-hybrid SUVs in general.  The regular CR-V is one of the best petrol-fueled SUVs, and it gets about 34 miles per gallon highway and 28 miles per gallon city. 

With its price difference of about $5,000 to $6,000, the CR-V Hybrid is not quite as affordable as the CR-V until you analyze the way that the hybrid reduces fuel costs.  So it’s a matter of more money up front to save money in the long run. 

Since the CR-V Hybrid cabin is spacious, it can grow with the family. Plus, the reputation is one of durability and longevity. Lastly, you add to that the fact that driver assistance may keep the CR-V out of common fender bender and crash scenarios. It all adds up to a budget-friendly ride.

Last but not least, the CR-V Hybrid doesn’t need to be plugged in.  This spares the buyer the expense of installing a special electric charger in their garage.  

Drivability and Confidence

For the parent driver, drivability is all about confidence. If they touch the accelerator and get a lukewarm response to their command, they will feel the stress every time.  The hybrid system in the CR-V assists the powertrain with two electric motors.  

A multi-mode system allows the CR-V Hybrid to cycle in and out of EV mode without affecting the driver. Of course, it uses electric power at the lowest speeds. However, it can harness electric-only power while in a cruise mode at 40 miles per hour.  In top highway speeds, it can still do this 33 percent of the cruising time. 

You can get the CR-V Hybrid with all-wheel drive if you are concerned about slippery or shifting surfaces. It isn’t an off-roader, but it does provide maximum traction in difficult situations.


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