Honda Tops List For Fewest Warranty Claims

Honda CR-Z

Honda CR-Z

Honda cars generated fewer warranty claims over the last 12 months than any other brand, according to research by MB&G, the warranty provider.

Japanese and Korean brands dominated the list, with Honda followed by Lexus, Mitsubishi, Toyota and Suzuki in the top five.

UK produced cars also figured prominently in the top 10 with Honda, Toyota and Nissan all represented.

Top 10 brands for least warranty claims (MB&G)

1. Honda
2. Lexus
3. Mitsubishi
4. Toyota
5. Suzuki
6. Kia
7. Hyundai
8. Subaru
9. Mazda
10. Nissan

    MB&G were too kind to release the list we all really want to see — the makes that drew the most warranty claims.  But they did reveal that as drivers are keeping their cars for longer, so they are also thinking about extending warranties beyond what the manufacturers offer initially for free — now typically three years.

    “Modern day cars are reliable, but if something starts to go wrong, it’s more likely to be in the fourth or fifth years, or when the mileage reaches 70,000-100,000 miles.” explained Kevin Pearce of MB&G.


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