Honda Mean Mower is the fastest lawn mower with 0-60mph in just four seconds [videos]

Honda UK recently teamed up with their title winning British Touring Car Championship partner, Team Dynamics, to create what is believed to be the world’s fastest lawn mower, that looks suitable for the Stig.

This super-fast mower retains most of its original look and can still cut grass, though not when doing its potential full speed of 130mph. The Mean Mower can cut grass at speeds up to around 15mph – double the flat-out speed of the original HF2620 it is based on. 0-60mph comes in a very impressive 4.0 seconds.

The Mean Power weighs 140kg and is re-engineered from the ground-up, featuring an all-new fabricated chassis, a 1000cc engine from a Honda VTR Firestorm, bespoke suspension and bigger wheels from an ATV. The grass fits the fuel tank, a high capacity oil cooler and a secondary water cooling radiator.

The grass is cut by two electric motors on the cutter deck, spinning 3mm steel cutting cable at 4000rpm.

The mower has already managed to hit 100.03mph on track at TopGear Magazine’s annual Speed Week event.

“With the TopGear lawn to mow and a Stig on the staff, it seemed perfectly normal to work with Honda to create this thing,” said BBC TopGear Magazine’s Piers Ward. “Though I have to say, having driven it, I’ve never been so terrified. It accelerates like a rocket and, like any mower, there aren’t any seatbelts.”

See the Mean Mower in action below:


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