Honda Gear Concept Makes a Surprise Debut in Montreal

Automakers usually reveal their all-new concept cars at major car shows, like the Detroit Auto Show. Honda has just done something different, by revealing the Gear Concept Study Model at the Montreal International Auto Show in Canada. What makes Honda’s debut in Montral even more surprising is that the show runs simultaneously with the big Detroit Show.

Honda sais the Gear Concept Study Model demonstrates Honda’s innovative approach to providing the automotive answer for young, urban, Gen-Y lifestyles.

“Subcompact cars are usually either utilitarian, but uninspiring or they’re fun, zippy cars that are impractical and too expensive for the Gen-Y buyer,” said Dave Marek, Design Director at Honda R&D Americas, Inc. “GEAR Concept tears down those walls – it’s practical but fun, customizable, connected and affordable. Everything that young, discerning urban buyers would want in a car.”

No engine details were released a this point, but we do have a feeling we will hear more about this concept in the near future. Production car does seem very likely considering the growth of the small city car segment around the world.


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