Homemade video ad for a 1993 Volvo 254GL is just insanely awesome [video]

Remember the epic sales ad for a used 1996 Nissan Maxima, that Nissan decided to buy from filmmaker Luke Aker?

Here’s another insanely awesome homemade ad for a used 1993 Volvo 254GL.

Created by a Swedish art director known as Castor, it is one of the best used car ads ever.

“This is a personal ad for my Volvo 245GL ’93, …Red. Five owners before me. Complete service journal by Volvo up until in 2009. Inspected until November 30. New battery and radiator. Summer and winter tyres. 7500 Swedish crowns (£680) or the highest bidder.”

The voice over and comments are just epic. “…this car is equipped with both inside and outside, four door handles, fancy turning crank, ladies magnet… the backseat is hunted.”

Hit play and share it with your friends.


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