Google X to build few hundred self-driving cars that have no steering wheel and pedals

Google self-driving cars have logged around 700k autonomous miles. All these prototypes used by Google are based on production cars. Mainly from Toyota and Lexus.

Google is taking a new approach by becoming an actual carmaker.

Google X has built first self-driving cars from scratch that have no steering wheel, accelerator pedal or brake pedal.

This futuristic two-seater was built-from-the-ground-up as a 100% self-driving car, taking away all the things that allow you to actually drive the thing yourself like a steering wheel and pedals.

Three prototypes have been built so far and the cars are equipped with lasers to see geometry, cameras to see when colour matters, and radars for distance. “The cars are be able to see about two football fields in every direction.

The car does not have an accelerator or brake pedal. While there’s a windshield, there are no wipers to wipe away the rain.

The car can go faster than 25mph and Google plans to build hundreds of them with first prototypes reportedly out on the road already this summer. This is a huge leap of faith in the world of computers and algorithms.

“We took a look from the ground up of what a self-driving car would look like,” said CEO Brin at the CODE Conference yesterday.

Brin also added the company has not had any crashes so far, but the company has also been testing it in pretty safe conditions and they are excited about how we could change transportation today.

via: Techcrunch and NPR


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