Ford Fiesta eWheelDrive prototype with in-wheel electric motors revealed [video]

Ford and Schaeffler have unveiled a Fiesta-based eWheelDrive research car, powered by independent electric motors in both rear wheels in place of a conventional engine.

The in-wheel electric motors offer any advantages, like extra room under the bonnet along with improvements in urban mobility and parking by making possible smaller cars with the same interior room. Basically a four-person car could occupy the space of a two-person car and the eWheelDrive steering system designs could enable vehicles to move sideways into parking spaces.

There is no mention about the battery in this prototype and the possible range.

“This is an exciting project to work on with Schaeffler because it potentially opens new options for the development of zero emission vehicles with very efficient packaging and exceptional manoeuvrability,” said Pim van der Jagt, Ford’s director of Research and Advanced Engineering in Europe. “Looking forward, we have the opportunity to scope out the vehicle’s capabilities and how we might overcome some of the challenges presented by implementing the technology.”

With in-wheel motors, the technologies are installed in an integrated wheel hub drive – including the electric motor, braking and cooling systems, saving lot of space compared to current solutions.

Ford and its partners will develop two new driveable vehicles by 2015.

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