Follett Takes It To The Wire

Despite Paul Follett’s heroic performance in both Race 1 and 2 of the final round of the Porsche Club GB Championship, it was rival Alex Eacock who took the Class 2 title in the final race of the season at Silverstone and with it, the overall Championship title.

Interviewed after the race, when asked “are you disappointed”  his immediate answer was “no” – and he went on to pay tribute to Alex Eacock whose consistancy over the season led to ultimate victory. Referring to Alex, Paul went on to say “I nearly got him on the start, almost taking the paint off on the concrete pit wall, but Alex beat me to the first corner”, but admitted that Alex’s smooth consistancy mean he wasn’t likely to catch him.

Class 1 front runners Pete Morris and Mark McAleer juggled the lead between them a number of times in the final race of the series but it was Pete Morris who again took the honours.


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