Five Cars You’ll Be Seeing Less of in 2013

All good things must come to an end, including even the most iconic cars. Then there are the ones that never should have seen the light of day in the first place. Here are a few of the cars that, for one reason or another, are going to be either a bit scarcer after the end of 2012 or not destined for production at all.

Every year production ceases on dozens of cars. In some cases it’s just their time; despite being highly popular they have been replaced by superior technology or a better model. In other cases they are all-out failures that are consigned to the waste-bin of vehicular history – obscure models that are brushed under the carpet and quietly forgotten about. There are any number of each to choose from, and any number of reasons why they are discontinued, but here are five well-known examples that will imminently be moving onto the endangered species list.

1. Jaguar C-X75
This two seater electric concept car was first unveiled at the Paris 2010 Motor Show, and it turned a lot of heads. Delivering a very respectable 778 horsepower through four electric motors (one on each wheel), it was also equipped with micro gas turbines which could increase its range from a rather measly 68 miles on battery alone to a massive 559. It was capable of doing 0 to 60 in 2.8 seconds. The production version was supposed to be a carbon fibre creation, with a small petrol engine instead of the turbines. Sadly, in December 2012 Jaguar announced that they were cancelling production – a consequence of poor economic conditions – stating that it was ‘the wrong time to launch an £800,000 to £1 million supercar’. They probably had a point.

2. Lamborghini Gallardo
Lamborghini’s most popular model, around 10,000 Gallardos have sold since 2003 – reviving the fortunes of a struggling company in the process. The car maker recently released a video confirming that 2013 would see ‘The Final Gallardo’, also launching the website to announce the 2013 Gallardo LP560-4. ‘It’s been a crazy beautiful ride for the past decade. One we’ve all enjoyed…’ Lamborghinis typically have long lifespans, and the Gallardo is no exception. But the real question is, what is the Gallardo’s replacement going to look like?

3. Honda Civic
The 2012 Honda Civic proved to be a critical disaster. Noisy, badly-styled and cheap-looking, the redesign prompted review scores to plummet from around the top of the league table to the bottom. The car sold well enough, although that might have something to do with heavy discounts and the fact that the Japan earthquake played havoc with supplies in 2011. Honda was concerned that even if present Honda fans might go for it, they were unlikely to attract many new buyers. With the total redesign of the 2013 version, the company has drawn a line under the unfortunate incident.

4. Volvo C70
Volvo has become a by-word for safety and reliability. In the past consumers put up with the box-on-wheels approach, but Volvo have gradually moved away from these flaws of style whilst maintaining that all-important commitment to safety. But what the Swedish car-maker does not have is a reputation for sexiness. The C70 was supposed to change all that: the 2006 convertible was released to bring a little spice to the brand. Former astronaut Buzz Aldrin bought one, but even that didn’t help convince the market. As of late 2013 Volvo are stopping production and have no plans for a replacement.

5. Mercedes-Benz R-Class
Poor sales, bad positioning and concerns about fuel efficiency have led Mercedes to end American production on the R-Class. Sales in the US – which was hoped to be a major market – were especially bad. Better demand abroad means that production will continue for a while in China, but the States has seen its last R-Class roll off the production line.

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