Ferrari LaFerrari vs Ferrari Enzo in a closed tunnel and on the road [videos]

Ferrari Enzo and its successor, the super high-tech hybrid Ferrari LaFerrari are both amazing and very unique vehicles. Seeing them together is quite unique, giving us a good look how Ferrari’s halo car has changed.

First of two Ferrari supercars are revving next to each other in a closed tunnel. The Enzo is fitted with the straight pipe exhaust, while the LaFerrari is stock. The Enzo sounds angrier and more powerful, while the LaFerrari is still awesome, but it sounds more tamed.

After that we get to see these two beasts driving in the hills somewhere in Southern Europe. With plenty of GoPros we get to see the Enzo chase its successor and hear the ferocious exhaust notes of V12 engines. Before you hit play, make sure you turn on the audio.




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