Ferrari 458 Italia crashes at 140mph, splits in half

Remember the Lamborghini Aventador that crashed in September in New York and as a result split in half?

This is part of the construction with the main goal to keep the passengers safe. The Aventador has a very strong one piece carbon fibre monocoque around the driver. In case of an accident everything around it is likely to break off, keeping people as safe as possible.

This is how most today’s supercars are built, but it is usually not enough to keep people inside safe enough.

Recently a 570 horsepower Ferrari 458 Italia was involved in a serious crash at a high speed in Birmingham, Alabama and according to Zero2Turbo the car was doing around 140mph when it lost control and hit a post which split the car in half.

Ironically behind the steering wheel was not the rightful owner but an employee of a transport company who decided to take the vehicle for a quick ride before loading it up on a transportation trailer.

This is not the first time an employee of a car transport company or a service takes customers car on a spin and crashes it.

The bad news is that the driver is in coma and the passenger suffered some serious injuries.


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