ECOmove QBEAK Electric City Car Revealed [VIDEO]

A new automaker from Denmark called ECOmove has released details about their upcoming QBEAK electric city vehicle.

This new compact electric city car features sliding doors, a panoramic glass roof and plastic body panels that can be easily replaced. The QBEAK is just 3metres long, 1.75metres wide and 1.63metres tall.

Despite its small size it can be equipped with up to six seats.

Two electric motors have a combined power output of 95bhp and get their power from six “energy modules” that have a storage capacity of 4.7kWh each. Range from a full charge is up to 186 miles and top speed is 75mph. The QBEAK weighs just 425kg. It looks a bit strange, but does seem like a little perfect vehicle for someone who does most of their driving in the city.

ECOmove is already taking deposits and production is scheduled to start later this year.


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