Does My Motorbike Need An MOT?

Like any vehicle that goes out on our public roads, your motorcycle is going to need an annual MOT if it is older than three years.

If you are unsure when its test is due, do a motorcycle MOT check online and all the information you need will come up. Don’t wait until the last minute to do this because you should give yourself a window to give your bike a quick check to see that everything is in working order.

Before you book your MOT for your motorbike online, spend a bit of quality time with your bike by checking certain aspects of it that you know will come under the MOT spotlight:

Lights and headlamp

An MOT examiner checks their condition, their aim is right and that they are the correct colour. Just double check to see that they are either yellow, white and amber. If not, it is going mean buying new ones online or at a motorcycle accessory shop.

Suspension and steering

On MOT test day the forks handlebars, head bearings, swinging arm an shock absorbers will be checked out.

You can do some pre-MOT checks by:

-raising the front wheel off the ground and moving the handlebars right round to the lock position and then back.

– hold on to the forks of the wheel and try to push on them. If you sense any movement, there could be an issue with the head bearing.

– go to the back of the motorbike and bounce it up and down to make sure that there aren’t any problems with the suspension.

– take hold of the swing arm and if it moves around this is an indication that its bearings are wearing out.

Tyres and wheels

It goes without saying that your tyres aren’t wearing out. Bald tyres, especially on a motorbike are extremely dangerous. For motorbikes over 50cc you wil need at least 1mm of tread across three quarters of the tread pattern’s width.

Check to see if the wheel alignment is spot-on between the front and rear wheels.


Your motorcycle’s frame should be free from corrosion and distortion. It should also be free from cracks. A damage frame can have an impact on your ability to steer or brake the vehicle.


Check them yourself by see if the wheel rotate freely when the brake is released. If you can check the break pads too that would be a bonus.


An unsecured exhaust poses a danger and this will be a fail if you leave like it is. The entire exhaust system has to be complete and when your turn on the ignition and give it a few revs it shouldn’t be too noisy. The exhaust system must not have any leaks.


There are other checks you can carry out that are straightforward like if the horn and throttle are in good order and that the clutch lever is functioning well.

With a little preparation, you can take your bike in for its test trusting that it stands a good chance of passing. So, go ahead and book your MOT online today.


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