Customising a Luxurious Car: Give It the Unique Touch of Personalisation

Another year has gone by and although 2019 was an excellent year for revisions, everyone expects 2020 to be an even better one for auto enthusiasts. However, it doesn’t matter how new, innovative or unique a car might be unless the owner adds his/her own personal touches to it, the car never truly belongs to them. Rare as your brand new Mercedes AMG SL 65 or Aston Martin Vanquish S Volante S may be, the expensive, gorgeous hunks of metal are still only representative of the manufacturer’s brilliance.

It’s when you add your own unique touches to the car that it actually starts to resemble something that you own and drive. Don’t just stop after you have invested a good deal of money in a luxury car; make it your own by implementing some of the customisation tips that we are going to share with you next.

See How Many Customisation Options the Manufacturer Offers

As we are not discussing the Dacia Sandero or the Suzuki Celerio here, you could be missing out on serious OEM customisation options by not asking about them. Manufacturers will often accommodate the wishes of their esteemed buyers if the car is luxurious enough to make the effort seem worthwhile to them.

Just in case you have not yet bought yours yet, see how many of the customisations (interiors, paint jobs, accents, engine boosts, advanced dashboards, etc.) you can get from the manufacturers themselves. Not only will it look better and work better, but this will also save you the risk of having your car modified at an unauthorised car shop.

Work On the Interiors

Suffice to say, most premium cars do not come with cheap interiors either, and if you get the right model, you may not have to make too many investments to improve anything significant such as the sound system either. However, there is always the option to get rid of the generic seat covers and opt for something custom made.

Without specifying any particular details that would limit the options to one type of car owner or the other, we would simply advise you to select seat covers in a design that matches your own mood, personality, and purpose for that specific vehicle. Also, don’t forget about the wheel cover either, as it’s a common mistake to make, which stands out like an eyesore against the customised covers everywhere else.

Get Personalized Pressed Metal Plates

If you are driving around in something that costs a small fortune, you should really make sure that the licence plate number and design is not a generic one by any means. Get 3D style characters and numbers on pressed metal plates to match your car’s exclusivity. In fact, Number 1 Plates have this tool for easily customising and designing your pressed metal plates online, from any smartphone or computer.

All you need to do is go to the website and use their personalisation tool to design your licence plate numbers and/or characters in 3D style (if you want). Once you are done and have finalised your design, they could have the personalised pressed metal plate delivered to your address the very next day. It’s a sophisticated way to make any car stand out, irrespective of its price.

What about a Wrap?

A wrap is what people opt for in order to personalise their cars, without taking the risk of altering the actual paint job underneath permanently. Vinyl wraps are a quick way to transform any generic car into a completely personalised vehicle (cosmetically) though, and they are inexpensive, as compared to a full-on paint job.

However, wraps may not always look as good as the shops promise in the beginning unless, of course, the design and the wrap work are exceptionally good. Also, if we are discussing older vehicles with chipped paint, the vinyl won’t be able to hide that well enough either. It would just be a better idea to get an authentic paint job in such situations. What wraps do have going for them is the fact that it’s not a permanent change and neither are they very expensive to try out. Luxury cars and wraps are not rare combinations, but most auto enthusiasts will shy away from them when the car is an expensive luxury vehicle.

If you are thinking about a custom paint job, then we would advise against it for at least the first year. Take your time and wait for the right colour options to be available if you must but buying a luxury car and getting a new paint job on it right away simply doesn’t make any sense, even for the sake of personalisation! If your premium model is a few years old though, nothing will make it shine better and look newer than getting a brand new paint job.


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