CO2 Emission By Cars In UK Reduced by 3.5% In 2010

According to UK motor industry body of SMMT, CO2 emission in 2010 was reduced to 140g/km thanks to the 56% of the new cars sold in the country. The CO2 emission has dropped 3.5% than that of 2009’s and it also represents a cumulative drop of 20.3% of CO2 emissions since 2000.

The data was published in SMMT’s annual New CO2 report for 2011. The main reason behind this CO2 drop is thought to be the reduction of high-polluting vehicles via legislation and also the UK Government scrappage program with incentive schemes.

The reduction in emission of CO2 is being thought to be a big achievement particularly when number of cars in the UK streets and average kilometers travelled by each car saw an increase in the last few years.


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