Classic 1962 Volkswagen T1 "Bulli" van with a Porsche 911 Turbo engine is pure awesomeness

Classic Volkswagen vans are quite rare and have turned to be good investments for those who managed to buy one 10+ years ago. I had a friend in Germany who bought one back in 2001 for around 15k and now after 10k body work and still a lot of work left to do he sold it for around 45k.

There have been some conversions where the VW unit is replaced with a Porsche sourced engine and here is one of the coolest ones we have seen.

This vintage 1962 VW T1 “Bulli” van is called T1 Race Taxi and is not just visually attractive, but packs the air-cooled twin-turbo flat-six from a Porsche 911 (993 series) Turbo with 530 hp and 558 lb-ft of torque linked to a six-speed manual from a 996 GT3.

The project took six years by Swizz customizer Fred Bernhard. Riding on 18-inch BBS alloys, Fred also used carbon fibre to cut the curb weight down to around 1,500kg.

Top speed for this classic sleeper is 143mph and it was shown to the public last month by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles at the GTI-Treffen at Wörthersee.





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  • leej

    can it outrun crosswind?