Citroën-Porsche 911DS - Lovechild of a Porsche 911 and Citroën DS

Citroen DS and Porsche 911 are both iconic cars. During the “Car of the Century” awards in 1999, the DS took the 3rd spot and Porsche 911 fifth.

The DS went into production in 1955 and last cars rolled off the assembly line in 1975.

The Porsche 911 went into production in 1963 and is now in its seventh generation.

They DS and 911 are very different, though they are almost from the same era.

The Citroen DS is a four-door family car, while the 911 was a pure sports car. How about combining these two into one vehicle?

The folks behind Brandpower have created a DIGITAL project combining the front-end of a first generation Porsche 911 with the Citroen DS. Power comes from a turbocharged flat-six with 260 horsepower.

The result is called 911DS and we like it, though some Porschephiles might not agree.

Even though they try to convince everyone that it is the real deal, it is only real in the digital world.

We have added some pictures in the gallery below that are in fact ORIGINAL pictures, someone at Brandpower did good photoshopping to give a different impression… Brandpower is a digital agency, they work in the digital world not in the garage!

Well played, but not well enough!


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