Christmas Gift Ideas: Porsche Design Composite Bobsleigh and Aluminium Sledge

This winter you can be the fastest on the slopes with the new Porsche Design composite bobsleigh. This plastic bobsleigh is a perfect Christmas gift for any Porsche enthusiast and draws inspiration from the racing bobsleigh.

It can be steered simply and individually using the four side grips. In sporting situations the bobsleigh’s perfect balance means that it can be piloted simply by shifting ones weight on the ergonomically formed seat and by appropriate leg movement.

Tested and certified by German safety standards agency the Porsche bobsleigh weighs approximately four kilograms, and can be stowed in a practical nylon bag.

Also available is the Porsche Aluminium sledge that features Dashing stainless steel runners and comfortable faux leather seat. The practical folding mechanism allows the sledge to be folded together and stowed in a high-quality bag for safe carrying.

This perfect Christmas gift can be purchased from your local Porsche Center or on the Internet at The composite bobsleigh costs £ 170.00 and the aluminium sledge £ 330.00.


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