• Review: New BMW 6 Series Convertible

    It is going to be a great summer! How do I know? Well, BMW has brought out the convertible version of the newest 6 Series ahead of the coupe which is not due until the autumn of 2011. Normally, the hard top version comes out… Continue reading »

  • Red Audi A1

    Review: Audi A1 - Is It A Polo With Designer Clothes?

    What is the Audi A1? Is it a Polo with designer clothes? Or is it something more than the sum of its parts? Some reviews are almost sneering about its links to the Polo. I don’t agree, particularly as the current Polo is the best… Continue reading »

  • Honda CR-Z side

    Review: 2011 Honda CR-Z Hybrid

    Does it sound - and look - familiar? Yes, the low slung Honda CRX coupe of the 1980s is back - but with a difference. This time it is a ‘hot’ hybrid, a street racer with a conscience, according to Honda. Green does not have… Continue reading »

  • SEAT Exeo TDI Multitronic red - front view

    Review: SEAT Exeo TDI Multitronic

    If the Exeo looks familiar, that’s because it is. Take away the SEAT grille and you have an Audi A4 of the previous generation. How’s that for a ‘hand me down’ from the Germans to the Spanish? Now the ‘old’ A4 was one of the… Continue reading »

  • Review: Skoda Fabia vRS Estate Is A Surprising Package

    Now here is a surprise package. The Fabia vRS looks like a modest estate but goes like a hot hatch! We used to call them ‘Q cars’. At the heart of its appeal lies a ‘twin-charged’ 1.4-litre petrol engine producing no less that 180bhp. That… Continue reading »

  • Review: 2011 Volkswagen Jetta

    It was always tempting to think of the Jetta just as a Golf with a boot. The first generation really did look like just that with the boot fused on the back of the hatch. Over the years the Jetta has been gradually separating its… Continue reading »

  • Nissan Juke review

    Review: Fun and Funky Nissan Juke Breaks the Mould

    Many people fancy a car that is a bit different but still affordable to buy and run - that is the cue for the stage entrance of the new Nissan Juke. What is it? Like the popular Qashqai, this is another cross-over - a car… Continue reading »

  • Review: Mercedes E220 CDI Coupe

    This is the latest in a long line of elegant and eye-catching coupes from Mercedes-Benz that stretches back over the decades. The E-class coupe replaces the CLK and is the two-door version of the medium-sized saloon from Stuttgart. Stunning to see, especially in the lighter… Continue reading »

  • Volkswagen Golf R Driven - The Fastest Production Golf Ever

    Ssh....this is the fastest production Golf ever but they are almost keeping it a secret. A couple of wee ‘R’ badges and fat twin exhaust tailpipes are the first clues. The more sharp-eyed may notice that it sits a bit lower and those big wheels… Continue reading »

  • Five Motoring iPhone Apps to Keep You Entertained This Christmas

    Are you worried you'll receive nothing but new boxer shorts and useless junk for Christmas? Have you already seen the movies playing on TV three times before? iPhone users, count yourself lucky, here are five fantastic motoring apps to keep you amused during the festive… Continue reading »

  • Derek Black Drives the New BMW X3 In the Alps

    The new X3 steps out of the shadow of the X5, well-equipped to face the brave new motoring world. Little brother has grown up and learned to be more politically correct. What am I wittering on about? Well, I have just been to the Austrian… Continue reading »