• New Radical RXC Turbo 500 aiming new Nürburgring lap record

    Porsche 918 Spyder is considered the fastest street legal production car around the famous Nürburgring Nordschleife with a lap time of 6:57. Or is it really Porsche? If you consider small British car manufacturer Radical Sportcars and their models street-legal and fully production(which they are,… Continue reading »

  • Radical RXC - a Mustang V6 powered racer legal for the road [video]

    Radical is well known for their open-cockpit race cars and road cars for years. Last year the company unveiled the street-legal RXC coupe with a range of engines. The base model uses a 350bhp 3.7-litre V6 from Ford Mustang linked to a seven-speed sequential gearbox.… Continue reading »

  • Watch a 15 year old daughter of Monticello Motor Club president drive a Radical SR3

    This girl can drive! 15 year old Aurora Straus is a daughter of Ari Straus, the president at Monticello Motor Club, so it is no surprise she has been around some fast cars, before having a driving license. In this video below you get see… Continue reading »

  • Radical RXC review by XCAR - world's most extreme street legal coupe [video]

    Radical Sports Cars has been building extreme open top cars since 1997. They have delivered over 1700 cars to customers around the world and recently unveiled their first-ever hard-top race car, the RXC. The RXC uses an in-house-optimised Ford Duratec 3.7 litre V6 engine with… Continue reading »

  • Radical RXC Hardtop Revealed

    Peterborough-based Radial Sports Cars chose the 2013 Autosport International show to reveal their first-ever hard-top race car, the RXC. Its new in-house-optimised Ford Duratec 3.7 litre V6 engine produces 380bhp, enough to propel the lightweight machine to 60mph in a lightning-quick 2.8 seconds. One-time LeMans… Continue reading »

  • Radical Announces RXC Supercar

    Radical has announced a Le Mans-inspired race car for the road and race track called Radical Xtreme Coupe, or in short, the RXC. According to Radical, the RXC is the culmination of three and a half years of design and development to create the world’s… Continue reading »

  • Radical SR1 Revealed, Priced At £29,850 + VAT

    Radical has unveiled a new entry-level SR1 model, that is ideal for trackdays and club motorsport, including circuit racing, hillclimbs and sprints. The SR1 is developed by the same team that created Radical's SR9 LMP2 racecar. Powered by 210bhp 1.3-litre RPE-Suzuki four-cylinder petrol engine it… Continue reading »