• Can the Maverick Shake Up the Midsize Truck Marketplace?

    The Ford Maverick is slated to arrive for the 2022 model year. This new invention shares some DNA with the Ranger and F150.  It’s smaller than the Ranger, but not by too much.   It’s also quite a bit more affordable than the budget-friendly Ranger,… Continue reading »

  • New bad-ass Ford Ranger Raptor is coming to Europe

    Ford today confirmed that the new Ranger Raptor – the toughest and most high-performing version ever of Europe’s best-selling pick-up – is storming into Europe, as the bold new model debuted at the Gamescom trade fair, in Cologne, Germany. Developed by Ford Performance for the… Continue reading »

  • All-new special edition Mustang Bullitt with 481 horsepower is here

    Mustang Bullitt is due out this summer in U.S. offering at least 481PS, saluting 1968 movie car with effortlessly cool appearance. The new Ford Mustang Bullitt, due out this summer for Ford customers in the U.S., is powered by an upgraded 5.0-litre V8 engine that… Continue reading »

  • Sutton CS800 Mustang with 800bhp unleashed

    The new Sutton CS800 Mustang has been revealedat the 2017 Top Marques show in Monaco, establishing a new pinnacle for the Sutton Bespoke Mustang tuning programme. Based on the 5.0-litre V8 model, the CS800 boasts a high-performance supercharger system that increases the engine’s power output… Continue reading »

  • New Ford F-150 Raptor 'Super Truck' arrives in the UK

    The 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor has arrived in the UK, with delivery-mileage examples of the 444bhp ‘super truck’ available from Clive Sutton, one of London’s leading supercar and luxury car dealers. The car sourcing specialist has initially acquired five left-hand drive examples of the latest… Continue reading »

  • All-new Ford GT has the dashboard of the future (VIDEO)

    The all-new Ford GT features a digital instrument display in the car’s dashboard to present information quickly and easily to the driver, like the glass cockpit in airplanes and race cars. The innovative 10-inch-wide digital instrument display is far advanced from the original Ford GT,… Continue reading »

  • All-new 2017 Ford GT '66 Heritage Edition

    The all-new 2017 Ford GT will be available in a limited-edition Heritage theme honoring the GT40 Mark II driven to victory by Bruce McLaren and Chris Amon at Le Mans in 1966 – part of the historic 1-2-3 Ford GT sweep. The car will feature… Continue reading »

  • Ford begins taking applications for all-new GT supercar

    Customers hoping to own one of the all-new Ford GT ultra-high-performance supercars can officially submit their applications now at The limited production of the all-new Ford GT inspired Ford Performance to create a unique, customer-focused experience to help select potential owners for the new… Continue reading »

  • First 1000 Ford Mustangs delivered to UK customers

    Over 1,000 UK customers have now received their new right-hand-drive Ford Mustang, as total sales accelerate past 3,500. So far, 80 per cent of UK customers have opted for the fastback body style over the convertible and 68 per cent have specified the 416PS 5.0-litre… Continue reading »

  • New Ford headlights won't blind oncoming drivers

    Ford introduces new lighting technology that removes the guilt of accidentally dazzling other drivers – and that helps you to see more of the road ahead. New Glare-Free Highbeam avoids drivers having to dip their headlights by simply blocking those rays that would otherwise shine… Continue reading »

  • All-new Ford GT FIA Endurance car making UK debut at Autosport International

    Autosport International will be hosting the incredible all-new Ford GT racing car, giving visitors a chance to be among the first in the world to see the new WEC racer in the flesh, and hear from two of its star drivers. The Ford GT will… Continue reading »

  • Infographic shows the evolution of the Ford Fiesta since 1976 all the way to this day

    We all know that the Ford Fiesta is one of the most popular cars in the UK, but do you actually know much about its past? Well thanks to a handy interactive scrolling infographic, you can learn how this best-selling model has developed over time.… Continue reading »

  • Watch Chris Harris drive the new Ford Mustang GT

    Ford Mustang is known around the world, but until the new model, it was offered only for US customers. The new Mustang is a global car and also offered in Europe, including the UK with right-hand drive. First cars have already made it over here… Continue reading »

  • Ford Shelby GT350R Mustang carbon fibre wheels in detail

    Ford Shelby GT350R Mustang is the most track-capable Mustang ever, based on the Shelby GT350 Mustang. Power comes from a naturally aspirated 5.2-litre V8 delivering more than 500bhp and 400 lb-ft of torque linked to a 6-speed manual transmission as standard, along with a tuned… Continue reading »

  • All-new 2016 Ford Focus RS officially rated at 345bhp, debuts at Goodwood

    All-new Ford Focus RS was unveiled to the public earlier this year at the Geneva Motor Show. Back in Mach, Ford did promise the new hot hatch will deliver well in excess of 315 horsepower. The all-new Focus RS is making its dynamic debut with… Continue reading »