Cars with gadgets – 5 basic must-buy accessories

Cars need gadgets to make the driving experience better. Not only are car accessories great for adding more personality and fun to your wheels, the gadgets can make your drives safer as well. As technology keeps moving forwards, the number of gadgets keeps increasing. While gadgets are great, you don’t want to add too many to cramp up your car. So, what are the most essential car accessories you should have? Here are the essential five car accessories and gadgets you should buy.

A dash organiser

What does your dashboard look like? Chances are that it has a few bits and bobs lying around – perhaps a few coins you had left over after your latest fuelling, a pen for writing down instructions, keys sliding from one end to another and so on. You could put an end to a messy dashboard with a handy magnetic organiser. The DashGrip gel pads are among the best accessories for keeping your things in order. The pad is easy to attach to the dashboard and the texture is designed to hold things like your phone, keys, coins, pens, and so on neatly in their place. The convenient pads also won’t leave a mark on the dash when you decide to remove them.

An emergency seatbelt cutter

Seatbelts are there to save lives during crashes, but you could also find them stopping you from saving your life. In accidents, such as the car plunging into water, you need to get rid of your seatbelt quick. But crashes can make the traditional method of just clicking the seatbelt off difficult and you might even find the seatbelt tangled up. For the situations when fast actions are required, you need a seatbelt cutter. The clever tool will help you cut the seatbelt it seconds, allowing you to get out of the car or helping another injured person to escape. If you want to add extra security, get a combination seatbelt cutter, like Resqme Car Escape Tool, which also has a window breaker tool for smashing in the windows in an emergency.

A Bluetooth car kit

A Bluetooth car kit is a must-have accessory in a modern car and it can help make your journey much safer and more fun in an instant. The kits add Bluetooth functionality to your car that can ensure you are able to stream music, talk hands-free to your friends on the phone, and even use assistants like Google Now and Siri – both of which can help you find your way on the road. There are tons of options out there, with the iClever Himbox HB01 adding an affordable kit to your car selection. But similar kits are out there and the right choice depends a bit on the kind of things you want the gadget to do. So pick one with the right kind of compatibility with your other gadgets and products.

Air freshener

Many things can pass through your car. Your passengers can come in all shapes and sizes, with some eating and drinking inside the car and some wiping their muddy boots all over the floor. Therefore, you probably won’t be enjoying the fresh scent of a new car very long. Luckily, a proper car cleaning regime can help keep the foul odours away. Furthermore, you should opt for a special car freshener that will guarantee you enjoy sitting down in the driver’s seat. There are different options available when it comes to car fresheners. Since you don’t want to spend a fortune on this, check the latest Halfords promotions to find affordable options from the dangling fresheners to sponges that can be tucked away from view.

Portable battery

You never know when the batteries decide to cause issues and stop working – whether it is the car battery or your laptop’s power. While this could happen somewhere convenient, where help is close by, it could also take place in the middle of nowhere. But dead car batteries are a thing of the past, if you equip your car with a portable jumping battery and cables. The Cobra JumPack is definitely our top pick, as the pocket size battery can help you run all sorts of gadgets in the case of an emergency. The machine has a great in-built power inverter to ensure it works with small and big gadgets. It even has jumper cables to allow you to jump-start the car if the battery dies.
You can find the above gadgets from many major retailers, such as Halfords and even online shopping sites like Amazon. If you utilise voucher codes and shop smart, you can probably find all of the above gadgets under £500. So, if you like to add functionality and fun to your drives, shop for the five basic accessories and have fun on the road!


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