Car art sculptures

If you’re saying goodbye to your car either because it has stopped working or you are upgrading to a newer model then you are probably wondering what to do with your old vehicle. You may choose to part exchange with your dealer, or use a company such as Sell Your Car 2 Day who specialise in scrapping unwanted vehicles.

But, if you are looking for something a bit more creative then why not check out some of the incredible sculptures made by these artists. Who knows, maybe.

If you are getting rid of your BMW then what better way to do it than use the brand badge as eyes for an owl as you can see in the image above. Source: BMW Owl

Ferrari Horse

Source: Ferrari Horse

You’re old Ferrari can be turned into an awesome horses head…See what they did there?

Brighton artist creates sculptures from car hubcaps


Finished with the hub caps? You could make a warthog out of those…



Renault badges make the ideal snake eyes.


Eagle –

Your old car can soar again if you turn it into an Eagle…Fish

Fish –

A fish made from a Ford? Why not?


Source: Dog





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