Britcar 24 - One Third Gone

The Rogue Motorsport Toyota MR2 in the pits

Night has well and truly decended here at Silverstone for the 2012 Britcar 24 hour endurance race but the weather is holding! But plenty of teams are experiencing technical problems as you might expect when the cars are being pushed continuously for such a long period.

The Rogue Motorsport cars both had issues, one of which very nearly left driver Alric Kitson with a one-wheel deficit! Alric reported a vibration from one of the rear wheels which progressively worsened.

He made a split second decision to dive into the pits and with the car in the air and a wheel off the mechanics quickly discovered that four out of five wheel studs had sheared leaving just a single bolt holding the wheel on. A very slick hub change later and the car returned to the track and was back to an impressive 19th overall.

Meanwhile the Rogue Motorsport BMW M3 E46 returned to the track to rapturous after an heroic effort to swap the diff and by the 9th our was back to 29th overall.

The Team LNT Ginetta G55 still leads the race and continues to post in very impressive lap times; the Richard Abra BMW E46 GTR currently 2nd and Neil Garner Motorsport mighty Mosler MT900 R is third.


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