BMW working on a wireless inductive charging system for electric and plug-in hybrid cars

Today’s BMW i portfolio includes the all-electric i3 and the i8 plug-in hybrid sports car. Their batteries can be recharged quickly by means of the BMW i Wallbox that forms part of the 360° ELECTRIC portfolio.

But there can be a more easier and convenient way with cable-free connection between the charging point and the car’s high-voltage battery.

BMW is currently developing systems for inductive charging of high-voltage batteries that eliminates cables.

The system features a secondary coil in the vehicle floor as well as a base plate with integral primary coil that is located underneath the car, for example on the garage floor or the floor of the charging station.

The electrical energy to the battery is transmitted via an alternating magnetic field generated between the coils, contact-free, without charging cables, while charging rate of 3.6 kW guarantees batteries in many plug-in hybrid vehicles can be fully charged in under three hours.

There is already a future possibility of increasing the charging rate to 7 kW.

The system works with any weather from rain to snow and is tailored to both the batteries in the BMW i3 and i8, as well as the high-voltage batteries in future plug-in hybrid models from BMW group.

This new tech could debut already in 2-3 years if all goes as planned.


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