BMW Sales Set To Have A Top Year

The BMW group is looking ahead at another fantastic year of sales, with superb results for May 2011. Last year in total 147,563 vehicles were send to customers, which is a 22.1% increase from 2010, which they delivered 120,850.

Ian Robertson said: “This was the most successful May the company has ever reported in sales. Our young vehicle portfolio continues to perform strongly and we are seeing healthy balanced growth worldwide. There is a strong demand for BMW X vehicles and the BMW 5 Series, which has further strengthened its position as segment leader. “

“We are looking forward to even more momentum at the end of the year with the September launch of the new BMW 1 Series in Europe. We are well on course to maintain our position as the world’s leading manufacturer of premium vehicles throughout 2011.”
With a great year so far financially, it also see’s the testing of new bmw cars, like the Mini Mk3, which looks set to be launched at the latest 2013 or once the final round of the mk2 Minis are launched.

Source: BMW Inchape


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