BMW i3 priced from £25,680 after Government grant

BMW has announced pricing details for the all-new i3, which the company calls “the world’s first premium car designed from the ground up to be powered by an electric drive system”. Perhaps the fine folks at BMW have not heard of the all-electric Tesla Model S yet, which has been on the market for some time now.

The i3 uses a lightweight CFRP for the passenger cell and with low, central location of the battery pack offers a perfectly balanced 50:50 weight distribution and a low centre of gravity.

The standard all-electric i3 starts from £25,680 and the i3 Range Extender from £28,830. Both prices are after £5,000 OLEV Government grant.

Both cars are using a 170bhp electric motor with 250Nm of torque. Top speed is 93mph and 0-62mph comes in 7.2 and 7.9 seconds respectively.

the standard i3 has a range of 80-100 miles, while the i3 Range Extender can go for 160-186 miles.

the range extender is a 650cc two-cylinder four-stroke petrol engine with 34bhp mounted above the rear axle.

When leased the i3 starts at £369p/m for a 36 month contract and rising to £480p/m for an i3 Range Extender in Suite trim.


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