BMW driving instructor sets Guinness record for longest drift with new M5 [videos]

Last Saturday BMW Performance Center Instructor Johan Schwartz established a new world record for the longest drift behind the wheel of a new BMW M5 equipped with the M-DCT gearbox and Continental ultra-high performance tyres.

Johan managed to drift the M5 for 322.5 laps around the 256 metre (841 ft) Performance Center skid pad that comes to 51.3 miles of continuous drifting.

Some hardcore drifters probably don’t agree with Guinness as BMW watered the surface of the track, obviously making it easier to drift and also making it possible for the tyres to last for so long. With dry surface the tyres are unlikely to last for so long.

The previous record was set in February of this year by Abdo Feghali in Abu Dhabi drifting a new Chevrolet Camaro around a skidpad for 11,180 metres.

Mike Whiddett drifting a 750 hp Mazda RX-7 on New Zealand’s Crown Range is clearly much more interesting, though it is not any sort of a record…


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