Auto Union Type C e-tron Study Is Something Our Kids Would Love

Audi will be showing a small-scale Union Type C e-tron study at next month’s Toy Fair in Nuremberg, Germany.

The Auto Union Type C e-tron study is based on the limited-edition pedal car model which is sold through quattro GmbH. The body is made of aluminum and carbon-look material and is suitable for children and adults of up to 1.80 meters in height. The 1:2 scale study is 2.32 meters long and 97 centimeters wide.

The 1.5 horsepower electric motor driving the rear wheels gets it power from a lithium-ion battery and reaches a torque of 29.50 lb-ft(briefly as much as 44.25 lb-ft).

The little Audi e-tron has a top speed of 18.64mph and a range of around 15.53 miles. Full charge from a standard 230 volt household socket takes about two hours. For easy maneuvering, the study is also equipped with a reverse gear.

The International Toy Fair in Nurember will take place from February 3 to 8.


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