Audi Shows Self-Parking A7 Sporback With Piloted Parking System [video]

Earlier this month at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Audi showed a self-parking A7 Sportback with a new Piloted Parking system that is controlled via smartphone app.

The Knight Rider kind of technology has the car ‘talking’ to the public car park it is entering, enabling it to find the nearest parking space and guide itself autonomously to that space and then park. Later when the driver hits the “pickup” button, the car will automatically start where it previously parked itself and drive out to pick up the driver.

When the driver activates the futuristic technology, the central computer takes over part of the control function and guides the vehicle via a Wireless Local Area Network connection to the nearest available parking space.

The vehicle’s movements are recorded via external laser sensors and processed with additional movement data by the car park’s computer to pinpoint the vehicle.

The central computer also has a map of the car park layout and records parking space occupancy. The vehicle also monitors its surroundings using twelve ultrasound sensors. Four video cameras will be added to the system in the future.

The technology will be soon part of a car park in its base town of Ingolstadt, Germany.


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