Audi Drivers Are The Sexiest, Claims Survey

Audi drivers have been voted sexiest in a survey by car insurance company

Men voted Audi drivers sexiest amongst the women (21%) and the ladies returned the compliment,  voting male Audi drivers top with 31%.  Second sexiest men were BMW drivers, according to women (25%); while men ranked girls in Mini Coopers second (14%).

The survey of 2,000 UK drivers also revealed nearly half of men have… ahem… ‘Christened’ their cars (47%), while 30% of women have also done the deed in their motors.

Divers also admitted to eating in their cars (76% of men and 73% of women) and having a nap (42% of men and 29% of women).

We are hoping the cars were stationary while all of these acts were being peformed.

Other than the above, arguing was top pursuit in cars, with 60% of men and 63% of women saying they’d fought with a loved one while behind the wheel.

Who said driving just isn’t fun any more?


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