At Least 3 Things to Know When You Are Learning to Drive


Learning to drive is a two-part process that includes a theory and practical test. Without having passed both, you cannot drive without someone by your side. Apart from getting to grips with road positioning and gear changes, there are many road signs to learn as well as other rules of the road. It is good to have others help you to achieve this, whether they be a professional driving instructor or family members who have been driving for years.

Alongside going out in a car with a responsible adult who can already drive, or if you are learning from books, you can also practice your theory tests online. You can consider driver’s permit test practice to pass your driving test sooner or on the first attempt.

During this article, we will consider the things you should know to successfully pass your test without spending more money than you need to.

Existence of Online Practice Tests

It can help you to know that online practice tests are available to help you learn to drive. They can help you learn the road signs and other rules of the road that will prove invaluable to passing your theory test. Also, this will help you to drive when it comes to paying attention to the road.

Online tests allow you to experience actual exam-type questions that have been written by those who know what you are likely to be asked. You can save much time by learning the important things to pass your test. There will be typical questions such as those about stopping distances that are highly likely to come up. Stopping distances can, of course, increase depending on how fast someone is driving. Weather conditions can also play a part too. 

Running through practice tests online first can help you to realise that, while numerous answers may seem right, only one of them will be. You can learn to interpret what, at first, seem like trick questions and then get them right 100% of the time.

Allow Relatives to Help

As much as we all want to become independent as soon as possible, we should let family members help us when it comes to learning how to drive. However, the downside to this is that they may have picked up a few bad driving habits, but your driving instructor can inform you about what is right and wrong during your lessons.

The more practice on the actual road you can get, the better. You will then become familiar with the different situations that you might encounter on your driving test. Then, you will have experienced these situations several times so you can then be put in the best possible position. 

Common Mistakes on Driving Tests

Knowing the common mistakes that others make on driving tests will help you to not make the same ones. It is what driving instructors will teach you over time but will not tell you all in one go. It is good to read a list of bulleted points of things to avoid. Too many minor mistakes will be viewed as badly as a major fault when it comes to not passing.

Here is your list:

  • Make sure that your eyesight is good enough to drive and read number plates.
  • Do not allow nerves to take control of the wheel.
  • Keep both hands on the wheel.
  • Check mirrors regularly.
  • Know the lane changing procedure thoroughly.
  • Remember to signal.
  • Do not follow the vehicle in front too closely (allow 2 to 3 cars worth of space).
  • Keep to speed limits but do not drive too slowly.
  • Know your road signs.
  • Always yield to pedestrians.
  • Avoid breaking hard unless an “emergency stop.”
  • Do not give your driving examiner reason to use the dual controls if the car is fitted with them.
  • Follow the instructions of your driving examiner carefully.

If you consider all the above, then you should be well on the way to passing your driving test. It is good to make use of online practice tests, willing relatives, and to know in your mind the common driving mistakes you are trying to avoid. We wish you luck in your quest to become a fully qualified driver.


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