Are you planning to sell your car? Read this first

Very few of us stick to our cars for decades. Looking at my friends it seems a big part of them changes cars in 3-4 years and I am no exception. It’s a changing world and why not experience something new and different when it comes available.

It is not always about buying the latest new car, but just experiencing something new, like moving from a small coupe to a big SUV or from a minivan to a convertible just for summer driving.

Selling your old car can be a real hassle. Taking perfect pictures, buying paid ads, answering calls and emails, meeting potential buyers and then somehow trying to close the deal so that everyone is happy and money and the vehicle successfully change owners.

Thankfully there are dozens of car buying services today, allowing you to sell your ride efficiently so that you can concentrate on what you love and do the best.

The top car buyers we look at are We Buy any Car, Baba Sell My Car and The Car Buying Service.

All three are clearly big players with their cons and pros. Of course every service wants you to believe theirs is the best, fastest, they buy any car and on top of that pay best price.

Baba Sell My Car
Not a big fan of their web site. The information is all there that you might be after, but the whole design looks like it is from early 2000s with funny hyperlink effects and big yellow fonts that look like they were not quite finished by the designer.

Besides an aged design, the whole process is simple and once you enter your registration number it is all down to three steps to get your payment without any service charges. Surprisingly it was the only service which did not ask how many previous keepers the car had. I always thought one, but their service pointed out I am the third owner.

We Buy Any Car
This service gives me a much professional look compared to Baba Sell My Car. The whole process is similar with three steps, including the Free online valuation, booking an appointment and then finally a payment to your bank account. What they don’t mention on the big form is that they charge a transaction fee from £49.99 depending on the value of your car.

Their front page is well marketed with slogans like over 700,000 happy customers and 94% customer satisfaction. Great numbers at first sight.

The Car Buying Service
A very nice and clean design. Somewhat gives a similar feeling to We Buy Any Car at first, but in a more modern and professional packaging.

Again same steps, though they have split the whole process down to 4 steps, starting with vehicle appraisal, physical valuation review , final paperwork and same day payment to your bank account. They clearly mention there is no additional charge for the quick payment and no transaction fee.

While independent review website Feefo gave We Buy Any Car a 94% satisfaction rate, The Car Buying Service can brag with a 99% rate, where customers rated them as ‘EXCELLENT’ or ‘GOOD’. That should clearly be on top of the page in my opinion!

Also they are the only one with a simple video on the main page that shows how simple it is and the pictures of team members on the footer gives a feeling that there is not just a smart algorithm behind the service, but real humans.


Personally The Car Buying Service gives me the best impression, followed by We Buy Any Car. But impressions are one thing and a quick process followed by real money on your bank account is something you are really after when selling your car.

Quite interestingly, The Car Buying Service have created a list of reasons why people looking to sell their car should sell to them rather than We Buy Any Car. This article can be found here.

Once you enter your registration number all three are quite similar in concept as you just can’t do something revolutionary in this business.

Baba Sell My Car gives me a price range of £6,140 – £7,067, We Buy Any Car thinks my ride is worth exactly £7K and The Car Buying Service gives a much higher number of £7,443. All assuming my car is in good condition. They point out quickly that if the car has some exterior and interior damage I can get a price update by completing the Condition Appraisal.

Of course final valuation will be given on actual inspection with all three services. The closest to my location is clearly We Buy Any Car with just 3 miles to drive.

If I was to sell my car today then my choice would be The Car Buying Service.

Here are the main reasons why:
1. No admin and transaction fees
2. Quick same day payment vs. four working days on some of the competitors
3. They promise to pay more on optional extras
4. Very high customer satisfaction rate
5. personalised customer service
6. From my experience (the free online valuation process) I would get significantly more with The Car Buying Service. Sure the final valuation is that you should go after with all three services just to make sure you get the best value.

Services are always in constant change and I’d like to believe that most services are working to become better for all parties involved.  When selling your own car make sure you have an open mind, be critical, try different options and make the choice that you believe is best for you.


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