Arash Cars teases new British supercar, will be unveiled on February 28

The British sports car industry has been quite busy lately. Last year a new company called Zenos was launched and soon a new company called David Brown sportscar will unveil their first sports car.

British-based supercar manufacturer Arash Cars has been quiet for a while and for a good reason as they have been working on something new. Here are first teaser images of its new supercar set to be revealed on February 28.

One of the teasers shows the side profile, second one shows part of the steering wheel, while the third one looks to be glimpse of the taillight.

The short bonnet most likely means the engine is mid-mounted and the car has a quite short overhang.

Engine details are purely speculative, but most likely a highly tuned Chevrolet sourced V8 is used just as it was with their previous supercar, the AF-10.


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