A collection of great commercials from the motoring world [videos]

Advertising seems to be something that car companies the world over simply cannot get enough of. Year in, year out, these companies spend billions of dollars in order to promote their latest models and developments. Rather incredibly, it has even been noted that car manufacturers spend more on advertising than film producers and pharmaceutical companies combined. With money like this being moved, the ad-men behind these commercials must be laughing all the way to the bank.

Unfortunately for us viewers – the ones who are interrupted from our favourite television programmes by these commercials – a lot of the advertising content that is created around the motoring industry is really rather dry and boring.

However all is not lost. Every now and then, a diamond in the rough will appear in the form of a truly brilliant car advertisement. It will inspire, amaze and entertain all who see it. Well, it will do these things for any petrolhead who sees it anyway! Now, thanks to the internet and sites like YouTube, these commercials are immortalised, and their glory can be revisited by anyone who knows their way around a computer. And for us petrolheads at least, being able to do this always reminds us just why it is that we love cars.

So, as a sort of tribute to these ads that go the extra mile to entertain and impress us, we have put together a list naming 5 of the best commercials from the world of motoring. All that we ask from you is that you sit back, buckle-up, and enjoy the ride.

1. BMW M4 vs. the ‘Ultimate Racetrack’.

This awesome video was unveiled to the world towards the beginning of last week, and motoring  websites all over the internet have been going nuts for it ever since. Produced by the obviously rather imaginative people over at BMW Canada, it depicts the brand-new BMW M4 racing around a circuit on the top deck of a gigantic navy aircraft carrier. Whilst there is rather blatantly a great deal of CGI wizardry at play here, the combined brilliance of the howling engine, the smoking tires and the copious amounts of sideways action make for an adrenaline packed piece of film!

2. JCVD performs the “Most Epic of Splits”

This commercial from the motoring world caused quite a stir when it was first released. Whilst this commercial may have been around for a little while now, it is still able to amaze me just as much now as it could when it was new. Made by Volvo in order to show-off the stability and precision of Volvo Dynamic Steering, it stars action man, and film star Jean-Claude Van Damme pulling off what he names “the most epic of splits”. If you haven’t seen it already, prepare to be left speechless.

3. The Original Volkswagen Golf GTI

When compared to the two earlier commercials in this list, this next one comes across as being really quite humble. It is almost as old as time itself, but this ad for the original Volkswagen Golf still manages to be both smart, cunning and entertaining, even if it doesn’t feature the ridiculous special effects or demonstrations of physical ability that the other two do. This is how a car commercial should be done!

4. ‘The Cog’

Known only as “The Cog” in the world of advertising, this commercial was debuted in 2003 to show-off the Honda Accord. The content of this commercial is epic, and when you look at the process that went into making it, it is easy to see why. This 2 minute clip took a staggering 606 takes, spread across 4 days of filming to get right. It also cost a hefty figure of £1,000,000 to produce, and was premiered during an ad break for the 2003 Brazilian Grand Prix. See where Honda’s money went in the video below.

5. Shell/Ferrari Formula 1

 The last video to appear on this list will excite any petrolhead or Formula One fan, I guarantee it. This is due to the fact that for 2 minutes, not only do we get to witness the evolution of Ferrari’s Formula One cars, we also get to listen to them tear it up on the streets of some famous locations around the world. You just can’t help but get shivers down your spine. It also manages to make thee rather dull subject of fuel seem really quite exciting. Give it a watch, you know you want to.


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