9 Still to grab car and road technologies for future drivers

If you have a strong conviction that the new car you just purchased is all equipped with tech equipments to remain unbeatable for years to come, then you probably have no idea of the latest innovations in car accessories and gadgets that are going to equip cars much sooner than 5 years.  With connected gadgets and high-end safety equipments driving experience is going to be transformed altogether. The present post will only help you staying tuned with these upcoming technologies waiting to hit the road anytime soon. ASX Accessories have an impressive range of high tech car gadgets and accessories to make driving a pleasant experience. Here below we have picked 9 still to grab car and road technologies for drivers of the future.

  1. Driver Override Systems

This is to think that sometimes cars can take decisions refuting our commands only for the sake of our safety and well being. Yes, driver override system, being talked about for quite some time will bring autonomy in vehicle to a different level. Having this system, your car may behave indifferent to your commands and can just take its own course when it is really required for your safety. For example, suddenly sensing that you are running at a wild speed, the car can automatically slow down and even can come to a halt in spite of your pushes on accelerator.

  1. Biometric Access To Car

Just like the revamped security access with biometric finger print in many latest smartphones, your car also has such robust security system. With biometric access your car doors can be locked with user fingerprints or eyeballs. The technology is already in place and with the rapid integration and adoption of car mobility systems such security access is bound to come in cars.

  1. Glow Paint For Road

Why spend a big budget on road lighting when you can pain the road in a way so that it glows allowing consistent view of the road? Instead of electrical lighting marks already this new alternative has been popular as it is more adoptable and durable than other lighting options. First introduced on the N329 highway in Oss, Netherland, this lighting alternative for highways already took the attention of many countries and is being researched upon.

  1. Driver Monitoring System

Drivers are humans and so however seasoned and expert they are, they can easily be susceptible to myriad of health problems and detrimental conditions like illness, exhaustions, anxiety, fear, etc. Often such detrimental conditions lead to fatal accidents. Now a monitoring system is being worked upon that can keep measuring vital symptoms of the driver such as heart rate, eye movement, brain activity, blood pressure level, etc. It is expected that all new car models by 2020 will have such monitoring system.

  1. Remote Shutdown

This technology that can shutdown a vehicle remotely is already in use as a rich security system and is available with few cars at present. Within coming five years or so it is likely to be a common security feature across diverse models.  

  1. Electric Priority Lane

Electric vehicles called as EV in common use are already commonplace in many roads. As the number of EVs on the road is increasing, several unique ways of charging these cars are being pondered over. One of them is the Electric Priority Lane in which EVs can consume electric charge while driving. These lanes with embedded magnetic fields underneath will charge any electric vehicle running over it. The idea seems novel but may take some years before actually being a reality.

  1. Reconfigurable Cars

Can you imagine a car to allow changing its shape and inside area by just reconfiguring a few things, say, just by retracting roof or changing the setting of side glasses? Seems too futuristic, isn’t it? Yes, we believe this futuristic idea of reshaping a car as one need it become a reality to the advantage of users.

  1. Interactive Motion Sensor Lights

Several innovative ideas are creeping in for solving the problem of road lighting. The glowing road paint is one of them. Another such idea which recently took the attention of scientists is the interactive motion sensor lights. The sensors by knowing that a car is approaching will help lighting up that stretch of road. Furthermore, as the car approaches the lights will become brighter allowing more illumination and dims as the car passes by.

  1. Solar Path

Roads remain most exposed to sun light and we all know our traffic system and automobiles are increasingly becoming dependent on electrical power. Besides the EVs, streetlights, car automation, vehicle dashboard monitors, ACs, all run on electricity. Keeping this huge necessity in mind scientists came with the novel idea of producing solar energy from the sun-exposed road and utilizes it in the traffic system. Solar panels on stronger-than-steel glass roads complete with LED and microprocessors, is soon going to be a reality.


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