62% of car buyers are worried about buying clocked cars

OSV Ltd, a leading vehicle leasing provider, today revealed that 62% of car buyers are worried about buying a clocked vehicle.

However, although 62% of consumers are worried about buying a clocked car only 13% of car buyers are actually aware of the dangers associated with car clocking and 77% of the survey respondents wouldn’t know how to check for mileage discrepancies.

Debbie Kirkley, Co Founder of OSV Ltd, said: “According to HPI, one in twenty cars are recorded as having discrepant mileage, so buyers are right to be wary.”

“However, it is worrying to learn that very few car buyers are aware of the dangers associated with buying a clocked car and very few would know how to investigate.”

“Turning back the clock is a quick way to put thousands of pounds onto the price of a vehicle and used car buyers need to make sure they are not being caught out.”

OSV Ltd is warning used car buyers to research thoroughly before committing to any car purchase.

The biggest danger associated with car clocking is the fact that the majority of cars rely on mileage to predict when the car needs updated parts or to be serviced. In some instances, car clocking can also void manufacturer warranty.

Simple ways to find out if the car has any mileage discrepancies include: checking the service history and contacting the servicing dealers, contacting the previous owner and conducting a HPI check.


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