6 Affordable Ways to Upgrade Your Car

There’s nothing more thrilling like a new car, but not everyone has the possibility to experience it, especially if this is your first. So, if you inherited the family boat, don’t feel too embarrassed about your wheels, there are ways to improve it without breaking the bank.

Today I’ll mention some of the best ways to spruce up your jalopy, so you’ll stop feeling like in a black and white movie and join us in the modern world, where cars are smart enough to provide parking indications and stay within the lanes.

For a quick and noticeable change in your car’s general aspect, go for new headlights. If the glass is matted and you don’t have the budget to change it, give it a polish. Also, buy a set of high-quality bulbs – you will be able to tell the difference at night or in the evening when you’ll actually see the road while driving!

If you want to go a bit overboard, there are lots of colourful light bulbs that completely transform your vehicle’s aspect when on. However, you should first check if they’re legal in your country/area.

Personalised Number Plate
They’re cheap, easy to buy and have a powerful impact on your vehicle’s general aspect. Furthermore, a witty plate will lift your mood as well, especially if you get it as a gift from a dear friend or family member.

So, if you have a birthday coming soon, give your friends a nudge towards this website and have them choose a combination for your car. Maybe even suggest a combination you’d prefer.

Stainless Steel Brake Lines
It may not be something others can see, but you will feel the upgrade in the way your car brakes. Most old designs have rubber brake lines, which makes the brake feel mushy and you may feel unsure on the pedal. But with stainless still, the action is stiffer, and you feel it happen faster. Not to mention, stainless steel is more durable!

Inside LED Lightning Kit
Modern vehicles are equipped with amazing interior designs, and faded lightning around various elements (the console, the door handles, and others) improve the level of elegance. So, if your car doesn’t have these nice touches, you can add them yourself, as long as you can keep it discrete and do the job without breaking the upholstery.
Quick tip: You can use LED light bands that have adhesive on one of the sides to minimize the damage done to the upholstery.

Fresh Coat of Paint
It may be a bit more expensive, but nothing makes your vehicle shine better than a fresh coat of paint! So, if you have the budget and you want to improve the way the car looks, I recommend taking it to a painting shop as soon as possible.

Besides the improved aspect, a fresh paint job will also take care of any rust or other imperfections that can do a lot of damage in time.

New Wheels

An easy and cool way to refresh your jalopy’s aspect is with new wheels. I recommend going for customised rims, with small decorations or even lights, but regular ones will also do the job. The ones with a chromed and shiny aspect breathe new life in any car’s overall design because the eye automatically goes to them.

Here you can take it a bit further and change the brake pads as well. Not only they’ll look cool, but you’ll feel the car respond differently to commands. If you don’t want to change the pads, there are special covers you can use, to give the impression of new pads.

As you can see, everything is possible when you do a bit of research! All you need is a reasonably sized budget and the willingness to search for the right accessories.


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