1600 horsepower highly modified Jeep/Buggy drives 305metres on water - new world record

Formula Offroad is quite popular in Scandinavia and it looks like one of the coolest racing sports in the world.

Racers use highly modified Jeeps with 800+ horsepower and they drive them on various locations from cliffs to water.

Icelandic Formula Offroad driver Gudbjørn Grimsson is one of these man passionate about high-horsepower off-road Jeeps.

Earlier this month he set the world’s longest distance for hydroplaning. He managed to drive over a 305 meter (1,001 feet) water successfully and it looks like he could have continued for a while if there had been more water.

How do you drive a car on water? All you need is a lightweight package, huge bucket scoop tyres, four-wheel drive and a 1,600 horsepower twin turbo Nelson Racing engine.


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